Tea Parties with a Twist

Telling your Fortune in a Teacup

Trying to predict what the future holds is an ancient human preoccupation. Enjoy a traditional afternoon tea, with cocktails or prosecco and  learn how to find answers in the bottom of a teacup with professional readings and tuition on the art of tasseography.

This is popular with hen parties, corporate clients and has even been adapted for wedding parties.

Tea Tales

Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea whilst being entertained by a talk on the seedier side of teas history as told by author of A Dark History of Tea, Seren Charrington-Hollins.

An enthralling talk that will make you think twice about serving the vicar tea!

Murder Mystery Tea Party

Indulge in delightful tea time treats, cocktails and a deadly plot. What a lovely afternoon!

We find our murder mystery tea parties hit the spot with our hen parties and birthday celebrations. They’re  fun, delicious and deadly, making them a perfect combination for a memorable party.